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Some facts about Makoto

North AmericanJapanese
NameLitaMakoto Kino
BirthdayDecember 5thSame
Astrological SignSaggitariusSame
Blood TypeOSame
HobbiesCooking, Chasing after guysBargain Hunting, Cooking
Fav. ColorGreenEmerald
Fav. GemstoneEmeraldSame
Fav. FoodCherry PieSame
Least Fav. Food??????
Fav. SportUmm.. does chasing after every guy she sees count????
Fav. AnimalHorse???
SchoolCrossroads Jr. HighJuuban High
Fav. SubjectHome Ec.Same
Least Fav. SubjectSciencePhysics
StrengthsSensible, dependable, and actual physical strengthMorale booster, Practical Minded, physical strength
WeaknessesCute guysSame
DreamTo become a world famous cook and keep a boyfriend for more than a two-day periodTo get married and be a housewife (ambitious, no?)
VoiceSusan RomanShinohara Emi
MakotoMakoto (Lita) is a very spirited, aggressive young lady. She is not afraid of challenges, and, when caught in a tough situation, will ram the problem head on. Though she is the strongest Inner Scout, she doesn't really go for athletics. She prefers cooking and cleaning, making her an ideal housewife. Unfortunately, Makoto can't get very many guys to look at her from that point of view. She has a bit of a problem with the guys she chooses to flirt with (if you consider flirting with Nega-monsters a problem). Makoto lives alone. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was little.

Makoto received the power of Jupiter from Luna. As Sailor Jupiter, she controls the power of lightning and thunder. She's very strong, and not unlike her normal self, tends to be a bit headstrong and fights without thinking. Her quick temper can either save the day or get her into serious trouble, depending on the situation.