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Sailor Jupiter's Love Life

As both Makoto and Sailor Jupiter, this girl is know above all else for her boy craze. Her choices are normally servants of the Dark Kingdom, someone who already has a girlfriend; you know the story. Here is a documentation of her... flings.
The ever-mysterious 'sempai':
FreddyThis guy was Makoto's boyfriend. Their relationship began and ended before Makoto was even introduced into the show, but Makoto refers to it frequently, often to say that he looks like one of Makoto's crushes. I think that's him in the picture.

Crane Game Joe:
JoeCrane Game Joe was the first Rainbow Crystal carrier that Zoicite pursued, and appeared in Makoto's first episode. She thinks he resembles her old boyfriend, and follows him around. He brushes her off at first, but after she defended him against one of Zoicite's attacks, they shared a meal at the cafe and he showed her his mystic powers of levitating objects. He later turns into a youma, and the Sailor Senshi stop him. Makoto then falls for Motoki, completely forgetting her crush on Joe.

MotokiMotoki is the cute blonde guy that works down at the Crown Arcade. Motoki seems to have no attraction to Makoto whatsoever, but Makoto chases after him anyway. Motoki himself has never been a youma, but his girlfriend, as one of the carriers of the Rainbow Crystals, becomes one, and his little sister, Uzanuki, has her Dream Mirror stolen and she becoems a youma. But never him.

Miisha and his partner Janerin are famous figure skaters, and when the Senshi go to the ice rink to watch them perform, Miisha is impressed by Makoto's natural skill on the ice and asks to skate with her. She develops a crush on him as they skate. He tries to lift her up, but she ends up lifting him. It's funny. Then Janerin gets jealous and orders everyone to leave. Makoto is about to leave, but Miisha grabs her and tells her that she's the best skating partner he's ever had. Janerin and Miisha later turn into youmas, which the Senshi defeat.

AilLater, when the Dark Kingdom has vanished, Makoto falls head over heels for the new exchange student, Seijuurou. Little does she know that he is the strange alien whom the Sailor Senshi have been battling as of late. She pursues him in a comical chase scene, and they share lunch on the roof of the school. Makoto is convinced that she can win Seijuurou's heart through his stomach, and whips up an appetizing sushi lunch complete with her smiling "squid" sausage delights. It's a cute episode, but in the end, Makoto decides that she's more of a match for...

TsukikageTsukikage no Knight:
For a little while, Makoto suspects that Seijuurou might be the mysterious turbaned hero that comes to rescue the Sailor Senshi. After a scan on Ami's computer, though, they find out that chances are slim to none. Makoto dreams of the day when she might be able to fix Tsukikage no Knight a meal and win his heart.

ShinozakiThough Makoto insists that they are just friends, Usagi knows that the relationship of Shinozaki and Makoto is the stuff that romance is made of. They are best friends, and when a youma tries to attack Makoto, Shinozaki defends her and gets brutally injured. At the hospital, Makoto donates blood to him and tells everyone about how Shinozaki has always been there for her. It's quite sweet.

Asanuma is a junior high schooler. He has idolized Mamoru since they met, but he suspects that Mamoru and the girls are hiding some awesome powers. At first he thinks they're all aliens, but Makoto confides in him who they really are. Asanuma shows his protective side over Makoto by saying that if he had the power, he would protect Mako from the Dark Moon's threats. How touching! Asanuma is only a character in the manga.

Haruka Tenou:
HarukaWhen Usagi and Minako first meet this handsome young blond-haired stranger at Motoki's arcade, they fall head-over-heels for him. Makoto goes into hysterics when she finds out, and tries to track down Haruka with Usagi and Minako. However, they all are at a loss when they find out that Haruka is a girl... but Makoto can get used to girls, right?

UnazukiWell, I guess maybe not. When Unazuki has her heart crystal taken by Professor Tomoe's group, her dream of saving her first kiss for her one true love goes out the window, and she just wants to kiss anyone. Unazuki throws herself at Makoto. Apparently, Makoto isn't that desperate for a lover....

Tiger Eye:
Makoto met Tiger Eye at a college dance while he was on a Dream Mirror hunt. He asks her to dance and she falls in love with him at first sight. Of course, all the other girls think he's cute, too, and chase after him. Makoto, dazed, waits for him, through sun and rain, because her dream is to dance with a handsome prince. Tiger Eye, of course, breaks her heart by revealing his true form. But Makoto keeps her dream, in hopes of finding a nicer prince next time.

The Three Lights:
Aww, come on! Who DOESN'T love the Three Lights? Makoto is Three Lights Fan Club Member 1606!